This collection is a great prove how Victoria thinks before act. If we were all surprised when she turned more masculine with boxy aesthetic and military-inspired jackets (for some maybe not a true VB…from my side really applauded collection and happy of her evolving), she did a step back this time; commercially a really clever step beck. Do you remember her beginnings, mostly made of tube-dresses? Well, a clever mind (uh, repetitive me) that Victoria is, she combined the beginning silhouette with her recent-past to obtain a fresh, soft, sophisticated and a good sellable collection, without giving us any more doubtful questions, like “is this Vic or is not?”. That´s happen when someone listens to own customers, but still trying to evolve, because at the end you live (and you can evolve) only from what you sell. No more words need to be add here; the result speak on its own. I simply love it!

/ original images courtesy of victoria beckham /

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