There were many menswear collections during fashion weeks, especially in Milan and Paris, where the line between (what is) masculine and (what is) feminine was blurred. Menswear cpllection got their softened side, from laces, silks to low unbuttoned shirts (and not only) and transparency. Why not the opposite, when a woman´s collection borrows from man’s? One (of great) example is Joseph´s pre-fall 2015. There´s a lot of man-inspired tailoring; just mind those military (safari) jackets, double breasted suits, oxford shirts in almost every material (suede, leather and crisp cotton) and color, loads of chunky knits (dresses, jumpers, skirts, pants) playing with a knot effect, bomber jacket, kaftan and straight-cut coats. If the point “being borrowed from men´s” means being comfortable, but still elegant with an ease to move, well I don´t see a woman that wouldn’t “marry” this philosophy. Plus all pieces have more longevity that means they last way more than just one season. Welcome reasonable fashion!

/ original images courtesy of joseph /

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