The post Hermès Christophe Lemaire started with quite a lot changes; his long-time collaborator, muse and also lifetime partner, Sarah-Linh Tran, is now a with Christophe equivalently at the helm of the brand, so there´s no strange, why the re-naming of the brand to just Lemaire (that I´ve reported few days ago). The reason is also in their 12 team that contribute into the brand equally and with a family feeling. There comes new website, including an online shop. The one thing that Lemaire didn´t change and we are all really thankful for, is creating timeless and sophisticated pieces that will make your wardrobe perfect. Simply in love with everything, from the first to the last look. Luxurious outwear, with a huge range of options,  including always present crisp parka and the lovely caban coat, tailored suit jackets paired with a turtleneck, or cardigan or a simply tank top, why not. The relaxing vibe was accentuated by cropped pants and high ankle boots, present throughout the whole collection. 

/ original photos courtesy of lemaire /

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