At the MAN showcase presented three emerging designers; Rory Parnell Mooney, Liam Hodge and Nicomede Talavera. The really interesting fact is that all three turn out with the quite same shape – oversized and loose- and with a joint piece – rave trousers.  Nineties here.
To be more specific, Mooney and Talavera, beside the shapes, they also shared the color selection. There were monastic layers and wide proportions, with a touch of punk in mostly black and blue color palette for the first one, while were Nicomede´s boys dressed in nineties street-style-inspired pieces, like elongated sweatshirts and tunics in black and white combinations (stripes included). Both designers referenced to Japanese shapes; from kimono to judo jackets, from windbreakers to obi knots. A bit different was Liam Hodge´s 15 outfits; like Talavera, he also putted street elements, like parkas or sweatshirt in his collection, but he turned everything into more sportswear, with some graphic addition and bold orange color.

/ original images courtesy of man /

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