Yes, the last resort 2015 collection was discoveredthese days. The modern and sophisticated woman by Céline is dressed, as we are used by Philo´s aesthethic, in a functional, practical and comfortable way. The only sparkle in term of a possible exaggeration (and it´s a an obligatory piece in every woman´s closet?) here are given by earrings and necklaces made of painted aluminium and crystal strass. Everything else is pure silent lux, composed of impecable made pieces and from best-possible materials; so there is no need to doubt why the hight price then, right?  Here are not a seasonal-trend pieces, but ones that passing time will mantain the value, ops pardon me, the quality. In a way pay more, to have more and for much longer time. Who doesn´t want culottes in of white wool crepe, the fringed or a simple long soft-wool dress, any coat, sleeveless or not in wool crepe, the wrapped skirt,  the shirt made of stretch silk or the silk top with structural sleeves? I am first on the row for. And that bumbag is simply delicious, as are tango pumps giving an ultra feminine touch to Philo´s androginen looks,


/ Original photos courtesy of Céline /

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