During the warmer season Robert Geller doesn´t mind about the heat, so he is not intended to leave the layering out of the game. After all it is one of his trademarks and thanks god, he is right to doing so. Large over lean, could we say, if we need to be concrete. Tunic tops worn over slim-cropped pants and paired with a dust-coat or blazer or a bomber jacket, pyjama-like cropped jumpsuit, deep neck t-shirt and/or shirts and many tailoring elements. Besides the layering, what I love of Geller´s aesthetic is the ability to mix different materials, like neoprene, leather and cotton and different textures all together; and that´s not all. I really admire how he masterfully combines different colours and patterns, like the various applications of the brushstroke seen in this collection, to obtain a modern, solid and fresh look with a hint of the past.

/ original images and video courtesy of robert geller /

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