text and "inside" photos by our contributing editor and photographer lisbeth breland saalmink 
collection images courtesy of vibe johansson

As the solemn Nordic winter light lays its irreverent dark upon the city, we find our self-tangled between the looming frost and the monochrome pallet of optical illusions, where the afternoon bliss fight the fall foliage and wins the battle of dour, but not monotonous patterns.

Vibe Johansson is a Danish born fashion designer, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has her education from BEC design in Copenhagen and Polimoda, Florence; a place that also have been her second home and of great inspiration to Vibe. The constant curiosity, the silent observations and the noble approach have led Vibe Johansson to several countries, journeys that reflects the strong design Vibe Johansson stands for. The elegant feminine silhouettes, a style subsumed under categories with an Avant-garde touch, Japanese uniforms, classical every day wear and tailored evening dresses, shows the duality of her strong design.

Her F/W 2014/2015 collection is a research of semitransparent mottled surface of Nile crocodiles and tortoise. A profound effect of perceived depth of dimensions in the fabric and structure. A sartorial depicting of lines, shapes and patterns. An implied elegance for the leisurely bearer that completes the proportions of the monochrome pallet. Pieces of dual functions, comfort and eye catching details. The delightful tone of the greyscale that we embrace in solitude and diversity.

Vibe Johansson comprehends the craftsmanship of tailoring, and empowers the bearer with luxurious awareness and daily comfort.

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