Céline by Phoebe Philo is always its own story; let´s quickly refresh her must-to have elements in every of hers collection: the first and foremost is that everything has function.  As a good observer of women´s daily movement, she uses that to improve her design each collection. The second thing is comfort; you will never see a total tailored Céline and if that was or will be, the fabric will make the difference. So it´s her idea that you could still look nice, without any pain and we agree on that. Third thing is the using of best-ever possible materials available on the market. These three things are the brand´s excuse why everything is so damn pricey; pay more to get more, could probably would be their moto, but without the over-looked rich factor. Here we are talking about the hidden, quite one; the same one for example Hermès is doing/making. The S/S 2015 included all the over-known Celine´s arty-functional look mixing tailoring and volumes; practical shapes with some cut-outs, fringes, stiches and extra contrasting elements, like big pockets or sleeve loops in different parts. The surprising factor came with using retro look-like florals on few dresses. Maybe a risk, but a collection without risks becomes predictable and consequently boring. Accessories? More clean than usual. It sounds strange to say this when talking about Céline, but by that I mean less pieces; from circular ergonomic handbags and the same form in a tote version, flat and elasticized shoes (ballerina-like), small bells present almost on every look (on shoes or instead of buttons on a jacket, on a bag,..) to white ceramic brooches and pendants.

/ Original photos courtesy of Céline except the head original photo courtesy of Lea Colombo /

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