Rosie Assoulin continues collections by collection what she knows the best; making couture-inspired shapes for day-to-night looks and I am not talking only about evening gowns here, but literally each piece is made to be used in any occasion. She makes garments with multiple options. How? By putting extra zippers; all hidden of course. In that way you could wear for example her sculptural top with some culottes or even shorts for a daywear or in few changes and with adding palazzo trousers you got the evening look. Practical and smart.  
Her summer collection vibrant colour palette was all inspired by work of ceramic artist Betty Woodman. My favourite pieces? Almost clerical-clean sleeveless coat, simple gray-ish A-line dress, sculptural top and the white trench-shirt-like dress.

/ Original images courtesy of Rosie Assoulin /

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