What makes a difference between the first of September and the most part of August? I guess nothing that much; the weather is still shitty. Sorry for a bad word, but a constant 7days of rain makes me to react like that; cannot imagine living in India with the monsoon period.
That´s why a trench is a must these days; maybe a satin one for rain is not the best choice, but I still Love it! (smiling). To prolong the cosy-feeling we all have when we are awake, but still in bed (soft and warm), wear a cashmere sweater under the coat...and the world would look nicer.
There are a pair of narrow jeans, sneakers and a practical bucket bag (when you can find and fast all you need; that´s the bag point, right guys?) to wrap the whole comfort look.

Yes, this is how I am "wearing" my 1st September.

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