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Actually summer ends tomorrow at 5pm in; yes, by nature-rules should it be the warmest quarter part of the year. But it was? I mind few days of over-high temperature and sultry weather, but that´s all. On the other hand I am actually not a big summer fan, to be sincere. I don´t like too hot-sultry weather, when things you put on you is compressed-like bonded, creams inclusive. Living under the air-condition with a bottle of water in one hand and a tissue of paper to sweep your sweet in the other one, plus being on the toilette every half an hour at least, it´s not really a paradise; Even when you decide to go to the beach; you prepare yourself by putting a sunscreen lotion on, like an hour before you are actually on a beach and before you reach a beach, all cream drained away (did I mention, that you need to re-apply the lotion every time you go wet? That is written on every sunscreen product.). Nice feeling - sticky. Yuk! As soon as you get there in less than a blink of an eye you use it as a good excuse to jump into the sea. Yeeeah, that fresh feeling, that only the sea during summertime can give you. In that moment you forget everything listed before. I call it summer charm. Like the fresh breeze during nights drinking a cocktail or "raw" gin (with some tonic in..ok ) and with the addition of mosquito bites. They´re not pleasant, especially not beautiful, if we consider that you have that red mark of non-love (lump), probably on the most exposed part of the body for days, but it happens only during summer. Huh, I see I was quite elaborate here. In fact I miss all those things listed; yes, you read it right. After many years, you get used of them and when you get used of them, you can live without it. Gosh, how predictable a human can be?  

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