To the title we can add “organic luxury” too, because it was. The Olsen sisters were all inspired by a subtle-but strong and elegant fabrics for their The Row S/S 2015 collection; raw silks. The richness of silky shantung organza, canvas boucle, linen blends and silk burette were an excellent counterbalance to simple shapes of the collection. Well, the simplicity cannot be synonym of plain, because there were a lot of hand-work behind. We saw loads of wrapping around model´s torsos and around the waistline and then folded or knotted in the back. Trapeze-like (or if you preffer A-line) shapes for painter-coats and skirts, sleeveless prolonged knitwear with a high side slit paired with tailored, ankle-cropped pants , floaty ones or wide shorts . The colour palette was calm too; made from mild, neutral colours, such as white, ivory and mocha. Simple pool-side like leather sandals and polished shoulder bags, worn cross body were the only “ornaments” to accessorise the whole collection. My favourite S/S 2015 collection for now.

/ Original images courtesy of The Row and the main original image courtesy of Mark Leibowitz /

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