It was all about ease on everything with tribal-inspired elements on Sportmax S/S 2015 collection. From collarless jute coat, cropped top and skirt to a checked, 50´s-style jacket over the pencil skirt, elongated blazers , black and white print on few summer shirt dresses and the black and white gingham motif on others (really popular this season). The relaxed feeling was everywhere and details like unfinished hemlines or garments featuring the knot around the waist raised it on a higher level. Yes, shoes included - clogs like sandals. Everything was on the way to succeed if there was not the “but” thing. Phoebe Philo´s influence was too much present in this collection; all knots placed in the waistline of the models and all frayed seams screamed Céline´s F/W 2014/2015 collection. The fresh take on the trend is not anymore fresh, but something already seen before.

/ Original images courtesy of Sportmax and the head original images courtesy of Sonny Vandevelde /

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