Christpohe Lemaire’s´ man with the S/S 2015 collection is back on runway. His new collections are even more beautiful from the previous one(s); they are truly an upgraded version of his past pieces, like making a timeless collection by improving it every time.  They are made by a perfectly and thoughtfully (clever) mix of elements from sportswear, leisurewear and his always present (influence) Asian workwear.  This time in ecru, black, navy and stone colour palette. Jogging-like pants in a crisp cotton paired with a shirt-like-a-jacket top wear in the same material. Or one of his trademarks, pants with pleats in a cotton chambray. A big accent on shirts…some of them oversize, almost to the knee and worn as a tunic, others shorter with zippers or buttoned to be worn as a jacket. His masterpiece outwear were also there:  voluminous parkas, trenches and peas.

Does he need to prove anything? No. Lemaire follows his aesthetic without being influenced by season trends. He is already the master of minimalism. 

/ Original photos and video courtesy of Christophe Lemaire /


  1. they look unbelievable! :)

  2. Love these beautiful pieces.

    xx, Kristi

  3. The first jacket is amazing.