In collaboration with Fullscream studio Claudia Ligari developed a new web-site and also presented the beautiful F/W2014/2015 collection in a new fashion film. Not a regular-typical one, but an interactive fashion film where each viewer is allow to re-master the edit with different effects, choosing scenes and tones. They can also record their own version(s) and share it online.

So each viewer can make his own "production" on Claudia´s F/W 2014/2015 collection, made the first time in Italy. She picked her most important pieces from past collections and revisited them.  "This collection reflects a maturing of style. I experimented with deeper, simpler shapes and textures, but have tried to keep that perfect clash between exciting materials and unpredictable silhouettes."– she said.

Ced Pakusevskij, Creative Director of Ligari's fashion film said, "Humans are vectors. They shape space, pierce through silence, create new forms. Claudia Ligari's design reigns over material and defines shape. In the video, small movements emphasise themselves. Space and antispace touch and gentle friction is produced. The sound of this friction is pure emotion."

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