Who doesn´t know yet the LN-CC shop, here is a great opportunity to find out. The occasion came across due their last fantastic campaign, the S/S 2014, with a best-ever possible surrounding – marble quarry in Carrara, Tuscany. The near to sterile-white rocks with contrasting cracks, are making this place full of endless beauty.
The shop is my favourite-ever one in Europe; they always have plenty, plenty amount of really great (and some rare) pieces, you mind to wish for. The store space acts as an ever changing platform of creative ideas that encompasses menswear, womenswear, music, and books. The store consists of four individual product rooms, a library, a record store, gallery and a club space for private events with custom built, vintage sound system (yes, you read it right…cool, right?). Check this video to get the idea.

If you are in London or have plans to come, you need to make an appointment, before visiting the shop. At the moment they are closed, until September 01. 2014 (to know more, click here); But not panic, here is their super-fab webshop…reachable from any part of the world.

/ Original photos courtesy of LN-CC /

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