In last few months I tend to "limit" myself...the right term would be "to become more disciplined" in terms of present/future shopping conquests - to buy less and better; by that I had* in mind timeless, near-to-perfect made pieces, made of great materials and bla bla bla...yes, those that lasts through the unrelenting time - old feeling - effect. And that´s a good thinking, right? Still passionate of buying new stuff, but becoming more logical. Ok. I am doing it quite good I must said. No rush buying’s for me soooo far. But it gets harder when time by time** I find that "bastard" piece...yes t h e  p i e c e! Who is, as usual, not a really a timeless one, but a head-over-hills one*** - and I can not blame her spring! Quickly after that I need an excuse, why should a seasonal or mostly two pice, with an unreasonable price, be very likeable for me. Like I feel ashamed. And I do! Then comes a list of pro-s; why this is a really must-in my wardrobe-to have garment, making me believing that this pieces could really become a timeless one! The final act? So far as in fairytales bank account has always that great power to bring me back to a solid ground.

This time to blame is Acne Studios and the gorgeous laser-cutted leather jacket. And I am longing.

* and still do
** thanks god, that´s not frequent ;)
*** heloooo, why shoud be easy, if we need to complicate it :P