TER ET BANTINE F/W 2014/2015

Is not strange that Manueal Arcari as a convinced reductionist, applies this philosophy in Ter et Bantine´s aesthetic, to reach the new minimal style of the brand…new minimalism. For the F/W 2014/2015 collection, she got a total inspiration from a calm Far Eastern vibe. Bathrobe-like overcoats with kimono wrappings as a Japanese influence or cocoon quilted-jacquard jackets with Tibetan patterns.  There were also Mongolian longhair furs here and there: on a sleeveless top, around the waist of tailored trousers or inside the overcoats. The evening part was mostly about a different top option, like a slightly wrapped bustier or a sleeveless turtleneck, paired with mid-calf skirts and leggings or slouchy trousers. Classic menswear-inspired shoes had a role to calm down a little bit everything and to make the collection androgynous...simple...clean.

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/ Photos and video courtesy of Ter et Bantine /