I am that kind of person that when I found my perfume, the scent that represent me most (and not only)...I tend to use it over and over and over...for an unlimited, uncounted period. I tend to have a favorite, fresh-light one during the whole year*  and for special** occasions I use time by time a bit deeper scent. The quantity of it it´s really important for me; I would say less is more***. It´s a matter of a droplet or maximum too of the scent****.

But***** sometimes is good to add new, fresh things to revive, stimulate our routine...to add an extra beat and the Spring time is really a period when most of us tend to start make changes******. Some of them are inevitable and the result of recent life events and there are the funny, unexpected ones; the ones that when you wake up, you get a click in your mind and there´s no time to wait, the thing*******, need to be done in that moment. No I am not talking about those black, drastic things...just funny-crazy ones. Ones you regret with a smile on your face, after you already did them. Like a drastic change of hair color or haircut. Or an impulsive buy. How many of you had days like this? How many of you said after "WTF??". I have them...quite many. The hair color too; but that ended well. My hairdresser convinced me not to do it. The real reason was an extra time in between of thinking and actually doing it...a time to calm down the impulse. But at the end I am still not convinced at 100% that ended well...I am still with my hair color, lol :P

The one thing that I am now sure is that I will start to revolutionize my pre-Spring days with a new scent. Yes, small steps are cool-er.

I am not a "need to have a summer and winter perfume" believer
** means mostly evening
*** I don´t like that the perfume overcome me
**** neck zone mostly, sometimes wrists
***** yes, the but thing :)
****** the belief in New Year vows ends with the empty glass of champagne, wherewith we toast few seconds before)
******* sometimes the really crazy one