CÉLINE F/W 2014/2015

Some designers are inspired by the past, the other by the art and the third ones are inspired by the future. Phoebe Philo is always inspired by all mentioned, but her most important and fateful inspiration are women in general; women during their day*, how they move, about their needs, habits and then translated it into fashion. Maybe for that reasons after all of her shows, we remain surprised, by how she pull out only the necessary from each collection; the really important things.
As for example from the F/W 2014/2015, new Céline bags; one model is shell-shaped in the way to be easily in harmony with the body and to be carried all day long; the second one look like a furry sac with hidden handles – to warm women´s hands. Clever, right?

The clothes? A seventy-like shapes, but with more modern and futuristic interpretation. Beside few coats in cocoon-ish form, most of them were long, prolonged; actually the whole collection silhouette´s was prolonged. Including tweed knits, wild fringes, tubular skirts, sleeveless waistcoats, and collar tops tucked into wide-legged trousers. Bracelets made by big-transparent rocks, worn above the sleeves of the knitwear, flower-like brooches on coats, buttons like ornaments and platform sandals; few touches to wrap up a very cohesive collection, without losing its chicness. 

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/ Photos courtesy of Céline /

* work day and non