Classic elegance and luxury is how The Row became known. Mary-Kate and Ashley confirmed their brand´s renommé with the pre-fall 2014 collection. With some big, extra touch; real women instead of models, this time. Linda Rodin, Esther de Jong and Ursula Wallis was the testimonial. Ladies in the age range from 40´s to 70´s, perfectly reflecting brand´s clientele and accentuating the elegance of their clothes. A-line skirts in rougher (men-ish) fabric paired with a ribbed knit cashmere sweater, a waterproof trench coat accessorized with a shoulder bag (actually played a role of a fanny bag), a jacket, a skirt and a sweater in a patchwork embroidery of flowers and the fur coat made with strips of beaver, mink and fox; to finishing with a simple white t-shirt and classic-fit pants.

What the twins reached with the label, is to make timeless, elegant and quality clothes (and accessories). So far from what is trendy and seasonal. The clothes at first look may appear basic, but when a timeless piece has a first-eye wow factor? Never, I guess. This is why my few old, but good pieces with (and let´s say it again) timeless design resist through time and I never got tired of them.

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  1. With Lemaire my favorite brand for timeless pieces <3

  2. Amazing The Row!!!!!

  3. Love the color combos and the idea of these three stunning ladies; Inspiring!