Winter is in front of the door; actually there  are days that I already feel as it is already here. It´s important to have a good face cream (and not only), but it´s also important (or even more) to have a nice, nourishing and protecting lip balm. Lips (and the eyes) area is the most delicate part of our face, so need to be treated regularly (that mean´s not when they are too dry already or reddish and you got a feeling like they will fall off) and protected. Why? Simply because you have to! they are overexposed over the whole year: humid, sun, heat, dry, wind,...etc.
The best lip balms always (need to) have essential oils and shea butter to protect them, avoid dehydration and keep them soft, smooth and healthy.
I always carry with myself E.Arden’s eight hour cream...a classic and my m u s t!

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