Felipe Oliveira Baptista was influenced by the Paul Bowel´s novel about two Americans travelling on North Africa, but the collection, that he named “The Sheltering sky” was far from an homage to African culture (maybe a safari-reminder-look inspiration), it was all about the shirt  ( and we already know that S/S 2014 is so into shirtdress´s silhouette, like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and much more). We saw it in long dresses, jumpsuits, cropped jackets and sleeveless short dresses. They weren´t  all alone, but accompanied by fabulous trenches and flak jackets. A sky was represented in  all its possible aspects with the color palette, white and pale blue and green as a sunny sky, dark colors (blue, green) as when the sun is almost gone and the graphic ones  as (starry?) night.

A collection full of rigor, due the “military-shirt” silhouette, but with not so hidden romantic side too.

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/ Photos courtesy of Felipe Oliveira Baptista /

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