We are in the time of so called "the transitional weather period", a time when the weather is changing day to day you feel like is springtime (and it´s just a matter of seconds when you will see flower blossoming), then the another day you feel freezing, like it´s the beginning of the winter (and you got a question mark under your head, like: It´s not a time for the´s too early!!). Consequently every day you do not know what to wear...less or more? The answer is: "layering"! You can feel cozy when it´s cold, but you can still put off few things if the weather wants to play it´s warmer version.

Here I made two daily-wear-urban outfits...which actually you can still mix-match with one-another. The main color is black (never miss it ;) ), brightened with some beige and python. A plus, actually a must in my selection is also the comfort factor: soft and warm materials, combined with no tight garments.

How you like it? Tell me your opinions.

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