An opening of the Acne Studios show was marked by the operatic performance of The Hives frontman Pelle Almqvist, who brought the energy on high levels. He sang the Swedish poem “Till Havs”, that literally means “Out of Sea” and that was also Johnny Johansson´s start inspiration for the collection, full of marine influences and looks, in a Swedish manner. It was like back to roots for Acne, not just because of the Swedish-Sea (sea stripes, naval peacoats, vivid fishery-clothes-like yellow garments,..) looks, but also with the denim part of the collection, with which Acne established (started as) a brand in 1996. My favorite pieces of the show were the white laser-cut leather pieces, but I have to mention also elasticized bustiers, oversized button-downs and to ending with blacks, but instead of stars, we got small shiny anchors.

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