Fashion shows are nice, but the point of the clothes is to be seen on the streets (street style)…the way how each person combines in a personal way a possible garment. You can see the same garment worn by different people in different ways and styling. Make it individual and play with fashion, that´s the main reason, the ultimate point.
And the best combos, for my opinion, came from Paris and Scandinavian big cities (Stockholm and Copenhagen). Scandinavian aesthetic is even closer to mine; they combine perfectly the elegant and the sporty, but they never get you a feeling that the outfit is overdone or in tactfulness way prepared one day before. It´s more like in a French manner of doing – as they woke up five minutes before they have to leave the apartment. A nonchalance thing. I simply LOVE their style, because Scandinavians are fashion, they make new, personal, own trends and never become fashion victims. They know how to do it!

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/ Images courtesy of Adam Katz /

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