After a “heavy” woolen winter collection it was a time for Haider Ackermann to bring everything on a lighter level; of course it was for a warmer season! (lol :P ). And some outfits, like the silk tulle dresses and tops, seen few times during the show ,were really throughout-to- see and transparent,  without  leaving you any imagination (I would prefer them as a part of the layering…as he did it in the past). Beside that “nude” parts, the collection included his always present and trade mark factor of dandyism; boxy jackets, slouchy or/and tight-skinny pants, pleat skirts, dresses, shirts and jumpsuits, mostly in silk and some in the shimmering metallic fabrics; all worn in a layering way (a bit less than usual) and marked by rich, dark tones such as bronze, purple and sapphire.

I am a big fan of Mr. Ackermann, but in this collection I missed a wow factor, the one that I had in his last winter collection. Maybe is the problem that he repeated himself in this one (you never get wowed by things you already saw, don´t you?), because I find a bit sad also to listen comments by others saying "We saw what we expected from him." I hope that in his future collection, he will think to expand his boundaries and to leave, almost a bit, his (already) comfort zone.

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/ Photos courtesy of Haider Ackermann /

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