One of most highly awaited collections in every London Fashion Week and this time was even more, due the electricity in the air (beside the bad weather, it was the close-to be-a deal between J.W. and LVMH making it).  The collection have a slice of 90´s minimal déjà vu, but way much anything else than simple. From the depossed and embossed geometric shapes on nylon and leather skirts and dresses (reminding of a Japanese architecture, like from Kengo Kuma for example) to colored sequined skater skirts worn with a white, leather-like top with the tiniest of straps or high necked tunics with tube-like skirts. Btw, did anyone noticed a slightly Issey Miyake vibe or it´s just me?
J.W.Anderson proved again that he is a master-manipulator of fabrics: leather was folded and curved, ruched and gathered nylon, cotton twisted and smocked into an origami like fold, to list a few. Black-s, white-s with some brown-s, red and pop of colors…all “packed! with a, already popular, contrasts – hard and soft.

A big thumb up for me, congrats J.W.!

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/ Photos courtesy of J.W. Anderson /

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