There were no models in the Rick Owens show, but ordinary women…well, quite. They were from four American college step teams (Washington Divas, Zetas, Momentums and Soul Steppers). 
Actually there was no show, but a true performance; at first appearance raw, but very real and with big impact. They performed an energetic dance form with African-American roots showing angry faces.
Lots of gothic-street style inspired clothes with this time an influence also in martial arts, made to suit non models figures, a lot of Owens layering, draping with a big point on the leather. What was on their feet? Sneakers from his Adidas collaboration, of course.

At the end I am asking myself, how much attention someone paid on clothes. That´s the result of the two side razor lame, when you play too much with the performance and you get lost a bit in the main part, clothes. But ok, we do love the art+fashion combo!

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