After 23 years of presenting his women´s Costume National collection in Paris, Ennio Capasa returned to Milan. The under construction feeling I get, may be referred to the place, where the venue happened, but also to the collection he presented.

“I constructed this collection by freely disassembling and reassembling patterns to give each piece a sense of ease,” said the designer in his show notes.  And he does it. There were a lots of space uncovered between each pieces. Outfits, in designers favorite color palette as black, white with some acid yellow, cobalt blue and shimmering silver, were composed by jackets, gilets (some  anchored by only a single strap), A-lines (to the ankle) skirts and cropped trousers.  Whole vibe was loose, more and less relaxed as de-construction/re-construction feeling can produce, by giving to each piece a possibility to breathe by itself.

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/ Photos courtesy of Costume National /

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