After popping some colors, here is my favorite color-non color, black! YESSSS! (Well, we already had one before and I know that there will be more in future ;) ) Even it´s not a pop-up color, it really makes me happy while I am wearing it…I feel most comfortable and it´s also veeery versatile and easiest to combine. Beside the black color, there are three things really important that I "demand" in every garment before I buy it: urban-sporty-but still elegant look, comfort and great quality (I try to invest in less and good, than in tons of cheap-season clothes...i guess that there is some truth in that with years and getting older, you also get wiser, experienced ;) )
Two daily outfits with its belonging shoes and accessories are totally me, a totally what I would Love to wear and have from my (soooo far) favorite shop LN-CC. All pieces are mesh-able, so you can make your own style, look.

Tell me what you think? What is your favorite color?

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