Which is the hottest ticket in town during Milan Fashion Week? Prada´s, of course!
Why is that? Do I need to write: because Miuccia Prada always surprises and revolutionizes (an upside down thing or turn everything on the head in the fashion system). Because she always inspires new talents, new designers and not only! Do I really need it to re-write it (again) and be repetitive? No, I guess you knew it :)

No different was this time, starting from the look of the place where the show happened. All walls were covered, let´s just say exactly how it was, painted with bold and emotive paintings by muralists Mesa, El Mac, Gabriel Specter, Jeanne Detallante, Stinkfish and Pierre Mornet. It was a really preview of what we saw after on the runway; a mix of sportswear, elegance, the hip hop culture and a pinch of glamour, inspired by those murals and the whole street art of Mexico, L.A. and South America.
To start with bras that we saw everywhere: festooned with jewels, worn over skinny sweaters, embedded on coats, as a black detail on the green dress, etc. Woman portraits on dresses, fur coats and I do not want to forget to mention the explosion of all colors. The look of the Prada woman for the next season was completed by colored strappy sandals in a tech material, paired with long socks (should I say leg warmers? They are similar to socks that footballers usually wear), feathered bangles and very ladylike bags. In total 41 looks, but no two looks were the same. The show ended with a big and sincere applause of the audience.

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