Grand Palais, dark at the beginnig...then LED lights in a pulsing rhythem are following the beat of "Fire doesn´t burn itself", exclusevely composed by Sam Flax (at Barkley California). Hedi Slimane presented us a Saint Laurent man in all pop re-editions. We had references from David Sylvian with his flossy Japan-era swoop of hair and glam bolero to Suede's Brett Anderson, in a black leather biker and pipestem pants or a (not so) hidden reference to to the Thin White Duke, Slimane's always major influence, in the last look: black suit, red hair, slicked.
An old Slimane is back...what he left in his last show at Dior Homme F/W 2007/2008, he continous (and some things with reinterpretation of himself) with Saint Laurent man. I hope that there will be an eveolution in Hedi´s women too soon (i hope in upcoming S/S 2014).

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