September this year will mark five years since I started with this project...at the beginning as a hobby thing then grown to a passion. I never imagined that will last that long, but I guess passions always do and fashion is one of my biggest passions.

Fashion is something that is in my veins and aesthetic is in my dna.  All that love for it came (started) from my grand grand mother (from my mother´s side) and became even more evident from my mother. No matter how much money we had in the family (composed by my mother, father, brother and me) there were always some great sense of styles present in our days, from good daily outfits to nice and elegant equipped apartment.  Passing years a passion for fashion grew every time more and I guess this love will last.
That´s the reason why the entire project as a blog thing even started. At the beginning it was a “place” where I put inspirations I found from different media. A sort of a mood board with all images from editorials or collections to stylings and street styles that fascinated me. Like Pinterest is today.  After some time I started  to discover unknown yet, growing fast, talented designers or brands that I loved and still do love to show  in my blog; a sort of giving them more visibility. The one that many other bloggers should do, because those talents  really deserve it.

After all that years (I still can`t realize it that passed nearly five years) I found that there is something missing in my blog – a more personal involvement.  So here come changes, starting with new visual look of the blog – cleaner, minimalist…well, I would say essential (the main spot is for posts). What do you think? You know that I always like any feedback from all of you, no matter if positive or negative. Opinions for me count as discussions too. 

There will be some new categories which you will discover them step by step, post by post. Ok…I am going to reveal the first one, because I am too excited about it and it will also be my next post …“Outfits”, the “what I wear” post with photos.  Yes, yes…I know, nothing new but sooo new for me – a newcomer, especially in that kind of posing. 

This is also a great opportunity to thank you all followers of my blog who supported me all these years. THANK YOU! It is also your “fault” that the blog lasted that long and is still here.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!   

Stay tuned for all new novelties that will come.

p.s.: OMG, how i´ve tried to be serious on the photos of this post...i am still laughing looking at! :)))) because i am not that serious ;)

Photo by: Marko Peric


  1. I have discovered your blog today and I just can't stop looking through it. I really love the way you post in your blog and the way your express your own unique vision for each collection and piece. For me this is really valuable, as actually there are have thousand of examples when bloggers post their looks and some photos found in web without expressing their own opinion about these pieces and collections, designers, campaigns. And we have less examples when blogger divides fashion into small pieces and pass every single piece though his own vision. That's why I would like to express my sympathy and wish you inspirations for keeping your blog the way it is.