S/S 2013 slaes on most online shops already it´s also a time when new objects of desire from Pre-Fall collections* come on our wish list. How is this insane** or not, it´s not the post i will sacrifice for. In past i had much more bag crushes as i have in my last period. It was like "OOh, look this one, i want it!" or "Jesus, i need that color too!". But now on i guess i become really picky and trying to become essentialist***. 

Ok, more talk. Let´s pass on facts...nice ones. First  bag of new season is from Givenchy...Pandora Box - cleaner, even more minimalistic and elegant version of her older sister Pandora. A perfect daytime companion.

*they are already available on most web shops

** the sun in his stable power in not yet the warm season will barely start (very - i hope!) soon. But isn´t  cool to have all clothes that you will start wear these days, already discounted?! Hell yeah!! :)

*** is that possible with all my past impulsive shopping ? I guess time and wrong choices grows you up also in this become a better or even a professional shopper!  My grandmother used to say "To know the difference between the weed and the flower." :)


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    1. For me one of the best small to middle bags in new season.