MITWTFSS WEEKDAY "Jaya" trousers
 NADIR TEJANI sleeveless,
FALKE socks
 Vintage brogues
 Rolled clutch by PEDRO KORSHI

I have always a "problem" during summer time (when the weather is quite humid and the heat lasts through the late night, like it was in last few days) what to wear for dinner time (especially when is not just a quick salad thing).
Yesterday me and my half joined a couple of friends that we didn´t see for a long time. What to wear? Men in this cases always optate for a classic (possibly slim fit...and not too slim please!) shirt with a nice pair of jeans or custom made pants. It´s cool, classy...and it became boring for me (every time the same thing). I decided to wear light (mostly cotton with viscose) 3/4 trousers (shorts, yes :) ) with a bit structured and thick sleeveless top (100% cotton) and accessorized only with black pair of brogues and rolled (sort of) clutch. Easy clean, elegant, but fresh and different.

What do you think? What do you wear during summer warm) nights out?

p.s.: some photos looks funny-scary ... need to smile more next time ;)

Photos: Marko Peric

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