Talking about essentials...are those things that your wardrobe must have (not extra only one season crap, but pieces that are and will be re-value-ted every season); this spring/summer is a total white one...and i did not choose this color, because of the trendy thing (well, to be sincere, one reason is also this, of course :P ), but because the white as a (non) color for me is something referenced as clean (yes, i am clean and i wash myself, don´t worry!), light, subtle  airy...and maaany more. It become (every time more) my essential color (beside black who is still on top of my chart). 

Ok not analyzing the color...because it could become boring; here (see on the photo) my basic essential selection...

...a great, great pair of jeans (a really good investment) and guys, Acne Studios in this is one of the best (well, actually my favorite!); so why not a pair of their 06 Skin 5 jeans in optic white

I pair them with a wider T-shirt from 05 Organic by John Patrick (it could also a nice long shirt dress or anything with fluid effect, to give more drama on your still simple look). 

One of must-to-have (truly must-to-have) and a always a great investment (all pieces here i guess they are) is a leather jacket, and Acne Studios is again a master-maker of that too (in my opinion of course :) ); we all (i guess yes) have in our wardrobe a black leather here is a turn-in-to white one (i especially Love their model 01 Rita in white ).

Marques´Almeida is the brand that brought jeans in a grunge-couture-ish level, so if you have (or get) a chance to buy one (or more) things from them, do it, because their pieces will give you an extra edge on your look-s and for me their pieces are sooo on essential list, that´s why their 02 gorgeous sleeveless short top is here. 

The top will look great with wide, 3/5 to 3/4 long shorts (i want them also in black and leather as i many times reported before); i pick a perfect exemplar from 03 Yang Li (also one of my favorite designers so far). 

To close my essential essentials :) we have (one and only slippers) from 04 Vans and simple, elegant with everything possible to combine 07 rings from Sansoeurs ( as i am not a very jewelry type of person, but i simply Love this brand, because their pieces are so nice and pretentious). 

We are not finished, because there is one more thing. A sort of creme de la creme (cherry on top ;) ). A bag (exactly a clutch) of course!! By one and only Maison Martin Margiela. I know, i know...this one is not cheap (not at all!!), but i guarantee you (again??!? YES!!) a piece of clutch that no one will ever have (all clutches look mostly the same-so boring) and the form is simple and unique...and did i already mention an evergreen piece?! ;) yes... definitely is.

Oh much words on just 08 pieces...but they are (yours too?) essentials.

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