Sofie Claes (born in 1984 Genk, Belgium) currently runs her own atelier in Antwerp, the heart of Belgian Fashion.
Identified by Antwerp Management School as one of the next generation of Flemish designers, and featured in a study of the Belgian fashion industry.

Minimalistic, geometric shapes, timeless designs and quality craftsmanship; these elements describe the soul behind the Wolf. label. A strong appearance and a down-to-earth style with a sharp eye for detailing. Deconstruction & reconstruction are visible aspects throughout the collection.

The collection is based on research on classic designs of the past, to get to the essence of a garment. Comfort and functionality are highly respected throughout the design and production approach. Wolf.’s vision is to create clothes that reinforce the personality of the woman who wears them. She stands out in the crowd as a strong, creative human being with a sense of nostalgia and a sparkle of mystery. She is inspiring, but has her feet firmly on the ground.

Wolf. by Sofie Claes offers people a unique product. A hand stamped label, containing an identification number, distinguishes each item from another. In this way, just as a limited series of prints or ceremics, every piece becomes unique.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection is inspired by raw minerals, rocks and the delicate veins of marble. The prominent use of structures from nature give the collection a strong attitude. 

Silhouettes are torn out of balance resulting in an asymmetric overview and classic sportwear elements are implemented in the designs. 

Light pure silk, viscose, cotton, soft leather and fine jersey are the base of the collection. The color palette is composed out of gradients of grey and off white, washed tones of black and shades of deep blue.

The natural rough compositions and the pure perfection of fool’s gold ( a nickname for Pyrite minerals.) are main inspiration for the jewelry collection.

The lookbook of the S/S 2013 collection:

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