PETJA ZOREC // "2205985500000" / F/W 2013/2014

Petja not long ago described herself to Katja Horvat (Projekt 27) as an workaholic wo(man) with male Russian name, who is always ready for action. After knowing her in person i would add a strong personality with no double meanings, sincere, always positive and simple; she is one of few (sadly not that much) designers i adore in Slovenija and make a fashion (yes, i will use this word in this case) trip to Ljubljana more than a valuable reason.

At the beginning of this month (exactly 09 of April) during Phillips Fashion Week in Ljubljana (it was from 08 to 10 of April at Kino Šiška), she presented her last collection; a F/W 2013/2014 collection named "2205985500000".

"Starting point for the collection is the moment, when emotions overcome you; memories of the past about people, that you liked them. Memories of most unusual events that from unknown reasons always return in front of your eyes. Like the family portrait or the plaid which plush edge calmed you down before sleep, dishcloth on edge of a dining table, rests of yarns in the grandparents knitting room,...a moment, that doesn't have the connection with reality, but however it comes on plan next to certain trigger and it numbs us."


"This male collection marks tactile and arty prominent materials, that work softly and comfortably. Patterns are contrasting to themselves in silhouettes, because on one side they are showing rigorous men pieces and on the other playfulness of oversize sweaters and tracksuits. Yarn in the color of a fuchsia is as an accent showing the tender side of masculine gender. The collection is based on an emotionally mature male, who successfully combines the responsible side and the inner child part." - this is how described Petja the collection to me.


I have tried her pieces at Squat  (Križevniška 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija ) and i am simply in Love with blue-jeans color velvet printed and pleated wide shorts (first runway photo) and oversize winter dark blue parka (third runway photo). They are definitely on my wish list and a 100% sure next buy. Petja simply rules!


Fashion show photos by: Primož Predalič
Backstage photos by: Saša Štucin

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