American post-minimalist Matthew Ames will make his return to the high street with "Prairie" – a denim based collection made exclusively for Weekday

Matthew Ames’ signature style is deceptively simple with a certain ease and intrinsic elegance. It was that style, which caught the eye of the Festival de la Mode in Hyères back in 2004 and five years later the jury of Ecco Domani Fashion Award. All eyes seemed to be on Matthew Ames when he left the scene in 2011 for a tutorship at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

This spring his creations can once again be found throughout Europe via a collaboration with Weekday. The collection – Prairie – is an elegant line inspired by the purity of the prairie landscape and the American architectural style The Prairie School.

"It’s about focusing on what is integral to the design. It’s something quiet, but powerful. The Prairie School developed a new vocabulary for design and aesthetics that considered the way people live. The collection for Weekday represents these same goals", says Matthew Ames. 

Matthew Ames has become known for his close attention to detail and craftsmanship that always strives for simplicity and purity. Most of the pieces come in denim, they are timeless and designed to stay in the customers wardrobe for many years. Simply put, Matthew Ames' collection is more about individual garments than overall fashion. 

"Weekday are really known for their work with denim, so I thought it could be exciting to bring this into the collection in a new way. Historically denim is something very American, but now has obviously been adopted all over the world. So I think it makes great sense for this collaboration between an American designer and Weekday, a Swedish brand", says Matthew Ames.

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