I am so happy to present you an exclusive preview of Barbara´s upcoming last collection, that will be presented in Paris from 28th of February to 5th of March (for more information see the photo below); 

She describs her last collection with these words: "I saw a woman eating another being, in the most total perfection. 
ATELOPHOBIA 's aversion to imperfection. I find it fascinating how a phobia can become a narcissism toward something, and bring perfection to cannibalism, act completely rude and imperfect, has forced me to see more deeply, trying to figure out where it might be this connection. I saw exactly where this connection is alive, it lies in uniting seemingly opposite elements thus creating a "personal" perfection. Creating a medicine for phobia."

If that is only a small preview, well we can not wait to see the rest soon...very soon.

Photography: Gautier Pellegrin , Barbara Bologna
Styling: Barbara Bologna
Modeling: Esther Mathis

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