S/S 2013 // COVHERlab / LOOKBOOK

The acrylic plastic of Craig Kauffman, De Wain Valentine's sculptures and experiments with light colored De Keith Sonnier are the coordinates within which the collection SS 2013 Elliptical Path enrolled formulating a design dimension gentle, dreamy and playful. 

The experiment evolves in a series of reports of block color and material suggestions (light and technical, crisp and silky, glossy, matte or satin), in which the armies of georgette watermarks metal (gold and silver), nylons and opalescent iridescent organza, realize backgrounds frost, glassy and holographic, aimed at underlining the ability of soft sci-fi 80's matrix that characterizes the soul of the collection. 

The geometric shapes and clean lines, continuous, they break like the corners of a mineral in the waist, creating an hourglass shape around a belt curled. Structured with baschine elastic contrast or narrow belts in multicolor strips, the stylized silhouette is a joint of straight and curved lines, vertical or horizontal, a constant coming and going of full and empty volumes that alternate on different proportions, lengths and asymmetries games . The more complex texture, juxtaposed with a series of vitamin colors, concentrated, structure allure robotics for compensation, where die down on pieces of cotton, linen, silk and wool crepe, in various weights and types, color cues of iridescent glow of auroras and nebulae milky or bright. The crossing is fast and impressive color: candy in shades of ivory, pink and powder, in the blue and the green crystal in the orange and crimson and yellow juicy, gather gold and amber tones terracotta and textures of the resinous plum and brown. 

A monolith the day bag (SPACE IF for COVHERlab), cotton canvas and double locking ergonomic leather printed (in different colors), a caprice the big feather earring with silver cap soaked in black ruthenium (in collaboration Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia), an accessory colorful and fun, a fetish that completes the styling glamorous and feminine, fresh and casual collection.

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