Robert Geller launched his first menswear collection in 2007, having trained at the Rhode Island School of Design and have joined Marc Jacobs for several seasons. Looks presented in New York for the spring / summer combined with exotic inspirations discipline (remembering Dries Van Noten) and Japanese-style city facilities, not to mention the more traditional masculine cuts especially with regard to the blazer. Thus, the natural colors of the earth (brown, taupe, anthracite, mustard, sand) and soft washes of purple and lilac as well as the green miraculous come from an imaginary colonial (India, Morocco) and cool down when combined blacks and gray. Soft draping and rigid volumes coexist in the now established practice of layering, so the wardrobe no longer knows the seasons but only an unknown number of levels to wear on each other. The pants have different lengths (micro shorts, bermuda large, long, folded ankle with elastic or final) and there are quotes sportswear (leggings ubiquitous and widespread use of nylon. 9

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