As an Italian-born Sculptress and Body Art Performer, later graduated from “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Brera-Milan, her designs are more than just nice cuts; they are a complex performance made of images, video installations and the clothes itself. 

The garment is the detail that makes it possible to view the image. And that´s why in 2000 the Area di Barbara Bologna was gave to birth. Area is her space, her emotional-perceptive and physical place in which se find art, music and theatre; the place of those who are able to feel the rest through the dress. This artistic module-gene is represented in every collection by her, as it is in the SS2013 one too, named Genesis. 

Genesis for her is “the vision of something that is coming, we do not know anything, we are attracted unconsciously, we fear, because we are not able to decipher, failing to establish a common communication that allows us to understand.” From structures and cages are made clothes that wrap and enclose the body, adorned with sculptural jewelry. Matter creates geometries like joints on the body. From the cotton treated with paper effects, silk with graphics in relief like sand underneath the fabric, she try to give alive to something out of nothing. Leather that loses dust becomes a detail of dresses and blouses, leather with a rubber effect become sculptural jackets. 

Overall the collection is a sublime marriage of all grey tones (silver-grey, black-blue, dove-grey to lead-grey) to carbon-black, fine and soft materials (from a cotton paper finish, polished linen and cotton to a light jersey and graphic silk) contrasted with rough touch of the leather and latex. The Area woman is starting her new journey of life, the new beginning, with much more confidence, aware of her strength and looking for serenity.

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/ Photos courtesy of Area di Barbara Bologna /

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