Over the years, Ann Demeulemeester has managed to find a sense of fragility poetic elements within subcultures based on rigorous and austere. For next spring creates a collection inspired by martial arts and the nature and imagine a silhouette as the torso with leather garments from the soul decided before falling in ethereal cocoon shapes and draped. The skin adds a strong and sharp - see the harnesses, accessories for neck or belt elaborately designed - that creates contrast with the long silk dresses with sleeves-wing and diaphanous train. The attraction of Demeulemeester for the timeless black ink is faded pastel shades to overlap, overlapping silver and dark purple garments.The daywear discovers the skin than in the past: take to the catwalk shorts jackets without lapels paired with the sleeves open to create a cape. The evening features a slim silhouette on the trunk and fluffy on the bottom that seems to have borrowed from the gracefulness butterflies. 6++

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