A sophisticated melancholy spreads to the entire collection by Christophe Lemaire. A timeless and functional wardrobe that betrays nostalgia for summers as experienced, as in scenes of holiday pictures of David Hockney.Color palette of warm weather, but light neutral tones that seem to be reflected in the placid waters of the pool, declined on simple silhouettes, but not dry, shoulders relaxed, or pants with pleats in the fabric of the season, a slight Japanese denim. Even when wearing parkas and jackets multi pockets, the man of Christophe Lemaire loses its allure as a melancholic elegance off-duty. To choose the evening shades of gray, taupe and blue, three-piece wool and cashmere, combined with sleepers canvas that wink to contemporary charm, but the brain of David Byrne, or, alternatively, shirts with polka-dot prints , to soften the rigor of the outfit. 9

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