S/S 2013 // BALMAIN / MEN

Olivier Rousteing carefully mixes the iconic styles of the male wardrobe: biker, safari, military and preppy living with absolute harmony. The silhouette tailored jackets have dry skin you wear shirts with cotton pants folded, the perfecto is mixed with a dinner jacket lapels and zip game, the biker jacket keeps the stitching and the military-inspired buttons worked and chooses bellows pockets.The Saharan squeezing at the waist and goes to the finished leather pants, t-shirt look and read the accompanying give way to minimal buttoned shirts, trench coats are rigorous and geometric, monochromatic palette. At the end is the same Balmain men...napoleonic-look jackets with big gold buttons, biker-ish vibe (jeans and co) with repeatitive colour palette: black, beige, white...with some new add, now an emerald green. A bit boring. 5 

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