S/S 2013 // MUGLER

Mugler's fashion for summer 2013 is at high tide: not for the result, an unexpected homage to avant-garde haute couture, but inspiration for the placid sea, that has put off for a season to stream, to plunge into un'acquatica concentration. The product of these reflections is a high stylistic white light that is reflected in the comprehensive clean lines and sharp-shouldered structured, essentiality, which does not need the jacket lapels and cuffs on pants. The tops are cut with sharp blades and extremely precise, perfectly symmetrical to reveal fragments of skin, a reminder of the exoskeletons of sea creatures. The color palette adapts to inspiration, in variations of shades that Nicola Formichetti, creative director of fashion house, has established close to the "sand, coral, the sea foam, and the oyster," as well as materials, including check the consistency of oily skin, like a jellyfis. 6-

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