Jean-Paul Lespagnard is a fashion designer, costume designer for theatre and dance, visual artist and stylist for magazines.

 He combines a great sense of fashion with a fascination for high and low art and for popular culture in all its shapes and forms. 

 Jean-Paul studied visual arts and fashion design in Liège (Belgium) and Luxembourg. He was a collaborator of Anna Sui (New York) for two collections and was an assistant to Annemie Verbeke (Brussels). He has created the costumes for several theatre and dance productions and is a regular collaborator of choreographer Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods (Brussels / Berlin). In 2008 Jean-Paul won two awards at the International Fashion Festival in Hyères (France), which led to the creation of a capsule collection for the French brand 123. He recently founded his own brand, Jean-Paul Lespagnard, and presents his first women's ready-to-wear collection during Paris Fashion Week in March 2011. 
All Jean-Paul!s creations reveal an overflowing imagination and he eloquently succeeds in communicating his optimistic universe where originality and offbeat style go hand in hand with a playful irreverence for convention and the generally accepted. Jean-Paul Lespagnard wants to offer luxury, not material luxury but the real thing: the freedom to be who you want to be. 

I SEE 'EM Fall- Winter 2012 is the third ready to wear collection for women that Jean-Paul Lespagnard presents in Paris. 

 A trip through the Scottish Highlands was the inspiration for the collection. The inspiration came especially from the mysticism of the region and from the legendary warriors wearing kilts or from the famous monster of Loch Ness. The latter influenced Jean-Paul Lespagnard in particular. Who could remain indifferent to that lake, that is fascinating and mysterious at the same time, evoking monsters and legends, that looks grim but slightly translucent ... Everything is bathed in a foggy but luminous atmosphere, worthy of a fantastic story. This collection shows the sensations and the emotions that were felt during this trip. Tartan is used frequently here. Historically, the different designs used to bear reference to belonging to a clan. Jean- Paul goes even beyond Scottish tradition by creating a blazon with his own name, that keeps on coming back on some creations, saying Glory in Strength. 

 The entire show is inextricably bound up with the mysterious universe of monsters. One can feel it in the music as well as in some elements that appear and disappear, be it in the cut or in the print. The designer takes us to his fascinating universe where mystery and legends meet, where fear alternates with delight. The coherence of the entire collection is remarkable. The used materials are resistant and flexible. Pieces are made of worsted wool, silk, simple cotton and other materials that are more technical and casual. Hair, scales, relief, camouflage of all kinds are part of the work. The colours that are used refer to hibernal Scottish weather. Grey makes us think of the sky; green of the bare plains, yellow of the rays of sunlight that shine through the clouds with determination. 

I SEE 'EM is a collection that refers to the personality of a woman ready to face life in a particular way. She has to deal with many obstacles, but that doesn't stop her from carrying on.

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