“When starting a collection, I lose myself in an imaginary world – an abstract place, a tangent upon which I lose sense of why, when and where.
There is no past and no future; it is something very timeless. For this installation I offer the audience my inner eye, an invitation into my world. The space has been transformed into a white desert – a spiritual and silent place. An arid landscape is fused with the purity of blinding white. Travellers are lost in the sands, as they become the salt of the earth.” – Damir Doma
On the occasion of the Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011, Damir Doma installed ten silhouettes from the womens and mens Autumn Winter 2011-12 collections in a simulated desert made of salt for the ‘Visions’ component of the month-long exhibition.
In collaboration with London-based director Malcolm Pate, the film ‘White Desert’ was projected over the silhouettes, completing Damir’s pure vision.

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